Below are some overview photos of what the van looks like that you will be shooting in. The majority of the photos with the models will be taken inside the van interacting with each other, working on presentations, working on a laptop, drinking coffee, etc. The target audience will be for working professionals working in tech, startups, or Fortune 500 companies, so we will want to visualize and convey to people how they can utilize the working space inside this van.






Shoot Date: Thursday, October 18th, 2018
Shoot Location: 1370 Valley Vista Drive, Suite 200, Diamond Bar CA 91765
Shoot Time: (see schedule below)

Shoot Schedule:
2-3:30pm: Interior Van shots (no models)
3:30-4pm: Drone shots of Van (no models)
4pm-6pm: Shoot with Models
6pm-6:30pm: Exterior sunset shots of Van (no models)

Albert Halim: (909) 569-4386
CP Phan: (907) 947-5476

Hair & Make-up:
There won’t be any hair or MUA for this shoot, so please come shoot ready. The models are intended to play working professionals that are using the van for business meetings, presentations, and traveling. If you are in doubt, come dressed and made up as if you were showing up to an office interview.


Darija: Business casual attire. A nice pair of slacks will be great and no particular requirement for shoes (it could be high heels, a pair of slip-ons, just no sneakers). For the top, make sure you wear a solid color without any embroidery or design, muted or earthy tones always translate well on camera. If you have a blazer, that would work well.

Alex: Keep it simple with a nice pair of jeans or slacks and a nice pair of shoes. Pair that with a button-down without any logos or embroidery. If you’d like to bring a blazer, that would work as well. Muted or earthy tones always translate well on camera.