Integration of Art With Grit Collective

noun | \`grit\: an innate trait, founded in passion, that serves to fuel perseverance through obstacles on ones path towards the ultimate realization of ones purpose.


It's easy to realize the importance of art creation and curation when Justin Hill and Brent Totty, the founders of Grit Collective, get to work.

It was about 1pm when I first arrived at McLean Property's Colony 29, a small yet robust artist compound tucked away in the middle of the Palm Springs desert.  The sun was beating on my forehead as I heard the table saws cutting through large pieces of wood in the middle of the compound.  Justin Hill, a co-founder of Grit Collective and a long time friend of mine greeted me with his protective goggles slung around his neck.  "This is a collaborative piece with an amazing artist and our friend Brandon Spiegel," he says as he methodically paints over the wood panels.  "I'm prepping the pieces by laying down [white] paint so Brandon can design over the wood with his signature style.  We'll then chop the wood into evenly spaced rectangular pieces."  The whole process took over 3 days to complete, and the entire time I was aching to see the final result.  

The LA based art agency's latest project with Brandon Spiegel, is an installation that utilizes the negative space of the environment to accent colorful paint strokes inspired by palm trees.  These paint gestures are spectacularly, yet simply defined within the precisely cut and evenly spaced painted wooden panels.  As the viewer's gaze moves from left to right (or vice versa), a sense of cohesion is strongly felt through a large scale painting divided against a white wall. Check out the process in the video we shot below:


I'd seen a variety of work come from Grit Collective.  They all span through a variety of styles, some of them married together– such as their curation piece with Allison Kunath & The Couto Brothers at the WeWork offices in Los Angeles.  Simply put, Justin and Brent have arrived at a moment where they let the work speak greatly for itself.  It's where the art resonates loudly to express artistic scale along with a brands' particular vision.