As an extension of our Juice blog, this is where we have a drink and a conversation as we unwind after the workday. Each episode, we'll have a conversation with someone in the creative industry we've either worked with, collaborated with, or simply crossed paths with.


The Juice Bar (Ep. 7):

Cody Juhnke

In this episode, we sit down with Cody Juhnke, the owner of Moov Labs, Huello, and founder of Ghost Plugins.


The Juice Bar (Ep. 6):

Melly Lee

In this episode, we sit down with Melly Lee, an accomplished conceptual and travel photographer.


The Juice Bar (Ep. 5):

Edwin Guembes

In this episode, we sit down with Edwin Guembes, a web content specialist, media manager, and branding expert.


The Juice Bar (Ep. 4):

Dave Jy Lee

In this episode, we sit down with Dave Jy Lee, an LA based musical artist that dives into the realms of alternative R&B.


The Juice Bar (Ep. 3):

Andrew Sy

In this episode, we sit down with Andrew Sy, more well-known as the visual artist @sightsofadrew on Instagram.


The Juice Bar (Ep. 2): Albert Halim

In this episode, we have a drink with teammate Albert Halim to talk juicy photo shoot stories, and photography tips & tricks.


The Juice Bar (Ep. 1):

Elvis & CP Intro

In this introductory episode, we sit down with co-hosts Elvis & CP as they introduce not just the podcast, but themselves and share a little extra insight into their backgrounds and stories.