Here’s who you’ll be working with.

How are we able to get so much done with a small team? We each have our expertise and bring something different to the table. Below you can learn more about us and who we are.

Ken Roberson

Creative & Design Lead

With over 10 years of self-taught creative skill-sets and business endeavors under his belt, Ken has been the foundation and creative backbone of CS ever since it was passed on to him back in 2013. Ken will be primarily responsible for your branding, graphic, and web projects.

CP Phan

Business & Project Lead

As the indisputable x-factor of our team, CP specializes in getting things done with a diverse background in business development, videography, photography, and marketing — all fused together in the root of an MBA degree. CP will be the lead point of contact for all of your projects with us.

Elvis Lopez

Designer & Illustrator

Having obtained his degree in design and illustration, Elvis is the definitive design specialist of our team. His classic and timeless approach to the creative process has made a huge impact on our team's success. Elvis works closely with Ken on your branding, graphic, web, and illustration projects.

Cody Juhnke

Web Designer & Developer

Our newest teammate, Cody brings agile, pixel-perfect, clean and modern web design/development chops to Creative Squeeze. How you ask? By being a natural problem solver with a flair for thinking outside the box, bending tools to his will, and doing things a little bit different.

Albert Halim

Photography & Videography Lead

Albert Halim is a professional photographer and videographer with an emphasis on editorial, commercial, and wedding work. His eye for the details, his chops behind the lens, and his affable personality make him an invaluable asset to the Creative Squeeze team.

 So, are we a good fit?

We’ve worked on hundreds of projects with various businesses and clients. In that process, we’ve started to take notice on things that make a healthy, productive, and efficient relationship with our clients. This includes being transparent about our process and our understanding of design. Here’s what you should know if you’re thinking about if we’re a good fit for each other.

What We Love 😍

1) People who value trust and communication.

2) Simplifying complex things.

3) Problem solving!

What We Don't Love 😫

1) Being asked to do free work.
2) "More work later" promises or favors.

3) Decisions based on feelings instead of research!