Retainer Program: Frequently Asked Questions

Our team is dedicated to the highest level of customer service so that we can bring you great designs.  As always, feel free to contact us if you have any questions, but also check the Frequently Asked Questions below!

How do I contact support?

If you are a client and this is a design related issue, please send your feedback and thoughts to by any means via our contact page.  You can also contact our Customer Support via telephone at 1 (657) 888-2375.

How many revisions do I get?

As many revisions as you need! Remember, each revisions will be treated as a new requests and may affect the proposed delivery timelines of your projects requests.

What is the 14-day risk free guarantee?

If you aren't completely satisfied with our work within the first 14 days of your project, we will refund you 100% of your money. 

Are there any contracts?

This program has a 3-month contract term. We believe this is an appropriate period for you to see the true value of this program. However, we do offer a 14-day free trial which allows you to cancel after you start. After the 3-month contract is over, your plan will switch to month and you can cancel anytime.

What does unlimited really mean?

You can give us as much design work as you need! We’ll work on your requests as quickly as possible. You only pay the flat fee no matter how much you utilize our services!

What happens after I sign up?

We will schedule a phone call with you to start the on-boarding process. You’ll also transfer all your creative/branding assets over to our team so we can get started as soon as possible. Once we receive your assets you will be able to use our service. Client on-boarding usually takes 2-4 business days.

What about request timelines and delivery speed?

Generally we provide pretty quick turnarounds, but depending on the nature of the project, it can take some additional time.  We will always let you know when you can expect your designs!

Who owns the creative work?

You! 100% ownership of the files will be given to you the moment we deliver them. The files come in the native Adobe formats, PDF, JPG, and PNG format.

How do I get my files?

We will send your files via link. By default we provide the JPG, PNG, PDF and the relevant Adobe source Files.

Unlimited design for a flat fee? Is this too good to be true?

Nope! This is our commitment to you so you can have quick and easy access to professional designers, while saving time and money. Our designers will focus on production level graphic design, and don’t do complex logos or websites.

What can I design with this program?

If you can e-mail us your design needs, and are able to communicate or easily explain what you need over the phone, we should be able to work well together. 

How fast is the turnaround?

We usually work in 2 business day rounds. Every request and/or revision takes at least 2 business days, and possibly more depending on the scope of your project. Keep in mind you’ll need time for revisions and edits. Please use your discretion and be concise with your requests so we are able to give you the highest quality work on each creative round.