Project Launch: Clayton Builders


Clayton Builders

Sometimes, design projects start and finish within a matter of months. Other times for one reason or another, it carries on much longer than expected. We began working with Clayton Builders a few years ago and got off to a hot start, whipping up a nicely polished landing page. Unfortunately, that temporary landing page became more permanent than anticipated for the next few years. For any designers out there, we all know that our clients get busy and may fall off for an extended period of time, and this was definitely the case with Clayton Builders! 

Once the dust finally settled for them, we were able to hit the resume button and were blown away at how quickly we were able to get the new website to the finish line. Clayton Builders specializes in the development of new homes for sale as well as building and designing custom homes. We decided to keep the presentation of their website very simple and to the point. The minimal presentation allows us to really focus and highlight their work, and boy do they craft some breathtaking homes. Take a peek and see for yourselves!