Design Feature: Weddings & Branding Go Hand In Hand



Many people don't know how much design is involved when it comes to weddings. Things vary in many different ways from picking a certain overall style of the wedding to picking the right colors that reflect the couple. Speaking of colors, it's not as easy as saying blue, dark blue, or a light blue. There are MANY different types of hues, tints, and tones to choose from. When you're a graphic designer, things get a bit more involved and the spectrum gets a lot bigger!

As someone who is getting married in the next year, I'm going to share the final design aspects and reasons for the color palette that will be used for my wedding.




There are many different directions we could have gone with our logo. Some of the most common design styles used for wedding logos are script, modern typographic, and traditional victorian style. The final logo chosen involved a combination of traditional and modern design.


Our intention was to have the logo reflect victorian style lettering, and make it as minimal as possible to have a modern look, influenced by tradition.


Color Palette

The almighty color palette! Designing the logo in itself is one thing, but the colors you choose will affect almost everything from bridesmaid dresses, tuxedos, flowers, decorations, invitations, boutonnieres, you name it! The tricky thing about the colors is that it affects the overall mood of the wedding. Whether you want something a bit more bright and cheerful or something sophisticated and serious, your color palette is what determines the whole thing. 


Periwinkle: Calm, Peaceful, Soothing

Coral Pink: Joyful, Cheerful, Happy, Bright

Regal Blue: Depth, Stability, Secure, Sincere

Champagne: Sophistication, Maturity, Elegance

The final colors chosen were based on what we wanted to represent. A balanced mixture between cool and warmth. The combination gives off an elegant and cheerful mood.


The final logo and color palette has been chosen, woohoo! The overall style is a combination of traditional influence, with a modern and minimalistic twist. This represents what we wanted to reflect, which is something that is a bit more fun and casual with sophisticated hints.



The same theme needs to be kept throughout the whole design. Typography is another big factor next to your color palette. For the fonts that were chosen, the intention was to keep the theme alive. Here's a bit of a demonstration, mixing the logo with typography.

Headline: Hypatia Sans Pro - Semibold

Body: Avenir - Book


Wedding design and branding go hand in hand. The same style and theme is carried throughout the whole process, from sending the invitations to the big day. Its important to think of the feeling you want to give off right from the start to create an experience rather than changing something midpoint which in turn can cause a shift in the mood.