Video Feature: Vasquez Rocks


"Vasquez Rocks"

Videographer: CP Phan & Dave Lee  |  Location: Agua Dulce, CA  |  Camera & Gear: Sony A6500 / DJI Mavic Pro

Vasquez Rocks was the perfect get away for us because we were able to flex our creative muscles outside of the office, and outside of projects that are client focused. Armed with a Sony A7, Sony 6500, Canon 5D Mark III, and a DJI Mavic Drone (courtesy of Albert Halim) we set out to capture quality photo and video content. During our shoot and on the drive up, we had conversations about certain tweaks that we could make to service our clients more effectively, to helpful critiques of our roles as business leaders and designers. We're only a team of four at Creative Squeeze, so many people are surprised at the level and amount of work we're able to produce, but it all stems from a team where each member doubles down on their individual strengths. 

VideoCP Phan