Fashion Mock Ad Campaign (Spring 2018)

Hello! If you are receiving this link, it is because we would like for you to participate in a photoshoot that we will be presenting to numerous clothing companies and stores throughout Southern California. Because companies in the fashion world always shoot a year ahead, we will be shooting for 2018's Spring Campaign next year. Below are few logistics, and a few visual references for the shoot if you are interested in participating with us. If you have any further questions, feel free to reach out to Albert Halim to get them answered!

Photoshoot Logistics:

Company: Numerous brands and stores throughout SoCal

Project: Spring 2018 Ad Campaign

Date: Friday, May 12th, 2017  /  Location: Palm Springs, Joshua Tree

Themes: Friendship / Adventure / Roadtrip

Models/Talents: Confirmed (See below)

Makeup & Hair: Unconfirmed (See below)

Photographers & Videographers:
Albert Halim (@alberthaleem /,
CP Phan (@photobycp), Kenni Roberson

Compensation: Travel (Gas) / Food / Free Portfolio Shots

Tentative Schedule:

10am — Makeup/Hair at the CS office
11:30am — Lunch/Makeup
1pm — Leave for Palm Spring/Joshua Tree
3pm — Shoot at 1st Location
3:30pm — Leave to second location
4pm — Shoot at 2nd location/Wardrobe
4:45pm — Leave to 3rd location
5:15pm — Shoot at 3rd location/Wardrobe
6pm — Leave to 4th location
6:30pm — Shoot fourth location
7:30pm — Wrap up
8pm — Dinner
We’ll have food ready for snacking in between drives.

Todo List for Models:

  • Don't wash your hair
  • Don't come with make up on
  • Get plenty of rest

Models Please Bring:

  • Nude bra
  • Black Bra
  • Pasties
  • Strapless Bra
  • Necklaces, Bracelets, Accessories 
  • *Shoes/Sandals

We currently only have 4 pairs of shoes and sandals even though we have 3 models. If you guys have some that’d match the outfits please feel free to bring them! Send pictures if you can.

Models/Talents (Confirmed):


Bre Maughan / @dreamsbaby

Unknown 3.jpeg

Genevieve Kennedy / @genkenn


Photoshoot Outfits

Outfits that will be used for the shoot.

Makeup, Hair, and Stylists (Unconfirmed):

Unknown 4.jpeg

Kimya & Jasmine / @glambykimya

Unknown 5.jpeg

Alima / @alima.mua

Unknown 6.jpeg

Sapphira Ha

Photographers & Videographers:


Albert Halim / @alberthaleem

Unknown 2.jpeg

CP Phan / @photobycp

Unknown 3.jpeg

Kenni Roberson /

Visual References:

The styles and looks we will be going for during the shoot.