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Client: Digital DNA/Jollibee | Project Type: Branding, Visual Content

Digital DNA gave Creative Squeeze the opportunity to create their new identity. 

Being part of Jollibee, one of the biggest food corporations, Creative Squeeze based their concept relating both the concept of DNA and the food industry to create a mark that is representative of the overall brand that Digital DNA carries.



Variations for logo concepts involved geometric shapes, and character elements.

The final mark chosen reflected a sense of personality and whimsy that fit the characteristics of the company that is Digital DNA. Our direction led to the intertwining of a chef hat and DNA strand, making a character that’s both iconic and meaningful.



“I use my audience as my color palette, my instrument.” –Bobby McFerrin

The color palette was chosen based on the industry and relationship with the food industry. The final mark was split into two tones to give a sense of separation between the two elements, being the chef hat and the DNA strand.