Clear X Photoshoot Inspiration Board


The photos in the grid below are meant to serve as a reference and inspiration guide for the types of photos we'll be executing on the day of the shoot.




Shoot Date: Thursday, September 20th, 2018
Shoot Location: 1370 Valley Vista Drive, Suite 200, Diamond Bar CA 91765
Shoot Time: (see schedule below)

Shoot Schedule:
5-6pm: Product shots (no models)
6-7pm: Taylor Shoot Time
7-8pm: Alex Shoot Time

CP Phan: (907) 947-5476
Albert Halim: (909) 569-4386

Hair & Make-up:
As mentioned before, there won’t be any hair or MUA for this shoot, so please come shoot ready. However, any makeup can be minimal as the branding for Clear X is very youthful, fun, energetic, so it won’t be like a fashion shoot.


Taylor: A nice pair of jeans will be great and no particular requirement for shoes (it could be sneakers, a pair of slip-ons, your call on that). For the top, make sure you wear a solid color without any embroidery or design, muted or earthy tones always translate well on camera. T-shirts, tank tops, button ups, or sweaters should all work perfectly fine!

Alex: Go ahead and keep it simple with a nice pair of jeans and sneakers. Pair that with a nice clean t-shirt or button-down without any logos or embroidery. If you’d like to bring a jacket, that would work as well. Muted or earthy tones always translate well on camera.