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Client: Vibe Vans • Project Type: Illustrations, Animations, Photo


Project Overview

The workplace on wheels known as Vibe Vans came to Creative Squeeze with a unique brand. We were responsible for delivering illustrations, animations, and photography that would keep within the lighthearted and energetic branding guidelines within their visionary goals.



Our goal for the animations was to show the van in motion, while getting a peek of what was going on inside. We needed to figure out a way that would show small details and still deliver the message of the many ways the van can be used for several business ventures.


Illustration Style

The approach to the illustrative style we would end up using for Vibe Vans would be part of the universal tone throughout the brand. It was imperative that we chose a way to give the illustrations character and a lighthearted feel, but most importantly we needed to have the illustrations work well with movement and translate when minimized and enlarged.


Each animation compliments their individual scene with objects and backgrounds resembling ways Vibe Vans could be potentially used. In this case, these scenes are long road trips, real estate showings, business meetings, and branded experiences.


Social Media Skins

Highlighting Vibe Vans’ features trough social media.