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Client: Fenix Recovery | Project Type: Branding, Visual Content

Fenix Recover came to Creative Squeeze with a product for a recovery drink. Our team was responsible for creating the brand name and image for Fenix. With an understanding behind their product, we were able to establish a visual identity that connected with the audience it served.


The Concepts

The phoenix best exemplified the meaning behind the brand. With the product being a recovery source, we feel that the phoenix’s infamous phrase, “rise from the ashes” is a great tagline to the mission statement of the brand. The logo shows a fierce presence as it rises, giving off a strong and stable feeling.

4 final concepts

4 final concepts

Final   concept iterations

Final concept iterations


The Results

For the typographic treatment to Fenix, we decided to focus on having a balance between the symbol and the word-mark. The direction we used to approach the concept was one of sophistication, legibility, and longevity. This full mark sets a high standard, representing where Fenix fits within the line of competitors.


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