Din Tai Fung was founded in Taipei, Taiwan in 1958 as a cooking oil retail shop. In 1972, it transitioned into a full fledged restaurant specializing in soup dumplings and noodles. The restaurant was soon winning rave reviews from all over the world. The tradition of Din Tai Fung continues today in its locations in the United States, Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, China, and Thailand.  Brand recognition and presentation are both extremely important elements when designing a website.  Din Tai Fung could possibly be one of the most recognizable brands within Asian Cuisine throughout the world, and they asked Creative Squeeze to design a website for their US based locations.  Since Creative Squeeze is located in Orange County, CA, we decided to visit their Costa Mesa, location to do some hands on research (the food tasted amazing as well) and the result is a succinct, yet elegantly crafted website that provides highlighted reviews, menu items, and a showcase of Din Tai Fung's brand tied with their unique history.   


Chain restaurants often have lackluster corporate branding that is prominent throughout all their marketing materials, including their website.  Din Tai Fung USA had a fresh feel that we wanted to express to a wide audience that may not be too familiar with their style of cuisine.  Creative Squeeze decided to design the Din Tai Fung USA website in Wordpress because it enabled us to execute visual customization that customer requested – simple, fresh, refined – much like flavors of the various delicacies on their menu.   They also requested their social media and restaurant presence  be highlighted within the website, so users can easily follow them and reserve tables for a fine dining experience. The brand itself exudes a gourmet appearance and vibe, so we wanted the website to showcase the cuisine, the rave reviews, and the various high-end locations based in the United States.  


"The critically acclaimed restaurant asked Creative Squeeze to design a website for their US based locations. The result is a succinct, yet elegantly crafted website..."