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Client: Bloom Foundation • Project Type: Branding, Website


Project Overview

Bloom Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to providing supportive services and resources to girls experiencing bullying. As a new non profit organization, Bloom needed to establish a brand identity and lay the foundation for their digital presence. Our team knew exactly what we needed to do and we developed a visually identity that connected with the audience it served. After we completed the website, we followed up with photo and video content that was strategically created to align with their goals.



The Bloom Foundation logo consists of a tulip flower sprouting out of the word "Bloom." Three petals have been created on the flower to represent the 3 periods of bullying that Bloom focuses on — 1. while it happens, 2. after it happens, and 3. life beyond. This logo is to be used in places where Bloom is being officially introduced, or in larger areas of space.


Coat of Arms: This variation of the Bloom logo is a company crest and emblem made of the foundation name and tagline, created to invoke a feeling of tradition, heritage, and longevity. It can be used in places where an official take on the logo is needed for a "stamp of approval," or in areas where a circular version of the logo is appropriate.


Basic: This variation of the logo is miniature, basic and simple in nature, and has been made to stand out in smaller areas where the Bloom logo is needed (such as a website logo).


Color Palette

The color palette has been chosen to work together with black and white to create a feminine look and feel across the Bloom brand. Froly represents the warm side of the spectrum while Chetwode Blue represents the cool side of the spectrum. Givry represents the Millennial Pink trend, and Mauvelous represents a more traditional pink shade. 

Givry #F9CFC5
Froly #F16A83
Mauvelous #F5959D
Chetwode Blue #7C90DB


The font palette consists of Work Sans Light for headers (with occasionally bolded words), Montserrat Semibold for sub-headers, and Open Sans Regular for body copy. This combination has been chosen to create a clean and simple feeling that is easily readable.


Raleway has been chosen for headers for its sleek, modern and sexy feel. Words will be bolded sometimes to emphasize its bold, strong, attention-grabbing attributes, in line with the brand’s philosophy around strength. Roboto has been chosen for smaller headers due to its simple and communicative attributes, and it pairs well with Raleway. Open Sans is a staple web design font that is know for its great readability on both screens and print materials.


Website Design

We developed a website that maintained the branding foundation we built but followed a structural layout that guides the visitor through a logical process of learning and understanding Bloom as an organization, what they do, and how they can help.