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Client: Bloom Foundation | Project Type: Branding, Web Development, Visual Content


Bloom Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to providing supportive services and resources to girls experiencing bullying.

As a new non profit organization, Bloom needed to establish a brand identity and lay the foundation for their digital presence. Our team knew exactly what we needed to do and we developed a visually identity that connected with the audience it served. After we completed the website, we followed up with photo and video content that was strategically created to align with their goals.


The Concepts

Bloom serves a very specific audience and it was our responsibility to ensure what we created would resonate with that demographic. We played with floral and balloon graphics to build a youthful aesthetic and kept the organization’s aesthetic warm and inviting.

One of the original concepts submitted to Bloom.

One of the original concepts submitted to Bloom.

Another original concept submitted to Bloom.

Another original concept submitted to Bloom.


The Results

We eventually doubled down on the floral concept and infused a healthy dose of floral colors. Bloom partners with many corporate sponsors and academic institutions, so the identity we built still maintained a sense of authority and polish. 



We developed a website that maintained the branding foundation we built but followed a structural layout that guides the visitor through a logical process of learning and understanding Bloom as an organization, what they do, and how they can help.