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Client: Arte Mundi | Project Type: Website, Photoshop & Photorealistic Mockups

Arte Mundi is the ideal flooring destination for luxurious living, classic and traditional sophistication, and modern sensibility that speaks to the beauty, and art of premium flooring. 

Our goal was to build a digital presence for a brand that was completely new and introduced itself for the first time to American businesses and consumers.


Photorealistic Mockups

With Arte Mundi debuting for the first time in the United States, consumers needed a product they could visualize and get inspired by. Our job was to execute studio photographs of Arte Mundi’s entire collection. In fact, they were so new on the market that they didn’t have any of their products installed into any homes yet.

Not a problem. Our new mission? To photoshop our photographs of their products into a collection of room scenes to help bring Arte Mundi’s product to life.



Arte Mundi needed a wholistic solution with their web presence that provided all the tools and information that dealerships and flooring wholesalers needed to learn more about Arte Mundi’s products and brand as a whole. Although the primary target was B2B, they also needed to ensure their presentation spoke to the end customer as well.

We focused on building a functional and user friendly website where visitors can access the information they’re looking for and can intuitively explore what the brand is all about.


Magazine Ads

Arte Mundi scheduled a set of magazine ads with industry-leading flooring publications such as Floor Covering News and Floor Covering Weekly. Since Arte Mundi has a retainer package with us, we took it upon ourselves to design the magazine ads and accompanying website banners. The purpose of these ads were to showcase new and upcoming products like denim (yes, denim) flooring, and their recently-cemented partnership with crystal jewelry giant Swarovski.