Meet The Team

Creative Squeeze is a team of friends unified by a common goal to make things look good, and create visuals that will endure and speak truth on our clients behalf.

Ken the creator

With over 10 years of self-taught creative skill-sets and endeavors under his belt, Ken serves as the creative backbone and design foundation that Creative Squeeze is built on.  /

CP The Director

CP specializes in getting things done with his multifaceted background in business strategy, photography, and marketing; all rooted in the foundation of an MBA degree. / Instagram

Dave The Manager

Dave's creative intuitions are paired with an aesthetic sense that were developed throughout his career in design. He graduated from Notre Dame with a BFA in Graphic Design. / Instagram

Elvis The designer

As the newest edition to our team, Elvis has shown a strong competence and background in design and illustration. Currently, Elvis is studying graphic and web design in Los Angeles.


So, who are you? Who needs to know? How will they find out? Why should they care?

Chances are these simple questions may not be so easy to answer. Bypassing the fundamentals in the speed of a new project can hurt your brand or business in the long run — but that's where we come in to help. Our specialty is in making the complicated easy to understand. We work with people who have tried and struggled at developing their own branding items due to either 1. lack of time or 2. ability to correctly execute their vision.