People have nice things to say about working with us.

We've worked with hundreds of clients and partners over the years, spread out through very different industries.


Are we a good fit?

For the last 5 years, we’ve been working on hundreds of projects with various businesses and clients. In that process, we’ve started to take notice on the things that make a healthy, productive and efficient relationship with our clients. This includes, among other things, being transparent about our process and our understanding of design. Here’s what you should know if you’re thinking about if we’re a good fit for each other. You can hover over an item to see details and more information.

What We Do 😇

Branding and Identity
Graphic Design and User Interface
Web Design and Development
Videography and Storytelling
Photography and Imagery

What We Don't Do (Yet) 😓

Back-End Development
Social Media Management
Advanced SEO Tactics
Mobile App Development
Motion Graphics & Animation

What We Love 😍

Working with people who value autonomy, trust, efficiency, longevity, and communication.
Simplifying complex things.
Questioning everything!

What We Don't Love 😫

Doing Spec Work.
Being low-balled!
"More work later" promises.
Design decisions based on feelings and not information.


We're an open book.

Get an inside look at how we tackled our own company pivot and rebrand. Case study coming soon.


Put a face to a name (kinda).

Clients are always baffled at all of the things we are able to execute with such a small unit. We'd like to introduce ourselves.


Ken Roberson


With over 10 years of self-taught creative skill-sets and business endeavors under his belt, Ken has been the foundation and creative backbone of CS ever since it was passed on to him back in 2013. Ken will be primarily responsible for the look and overall aesthetic of your branding, graphic, and web projects.


CP Phan


As the indisputable x-factor of our team, CP specializes in getting things done with a diverse background in business development, videography, photography, and marketing — all fused together in the root of an MBA degree. CP will be the lead for your videography and photography projects.


Elvis Lopez


Having obtained his degree in design and illustration, Elvis is the definitive design specialist of our team. His classic and timeless approach to the creative process has made a huge impact on our team's success. Elvis works closely with Ken on all of your branding, graphic, web, and illustration projects.


Let's do something amazing together.

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